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This collection has its inspiration in the limestone rocks of the walls and floors of the church of San Pablo de Valladolid in Spain. They are pieces of minimalist and refined style presented in an innovative finishing that combines the matte finishes with dim shines in areas of grains and fossils in perfect proportion.

San Pablo collection is capable of creating elegant spaces with large format squared tiles, up to 60×120 cm for floors and 30×90 cm for wall tiles, with different reliefs that enable to create versatile and modern combinations. The colour chart, carefully selected, is presented in three stony and timeless colours with a reduced shade variation. From those with white shades to gray tones through other colours, such as greige tones. A neutral colour range but also warm, ideal to create surfaces that never go out of style. It is a perfect tile for public interiors and for commercial spaces due to their resistance to erosion and the elegance of the finishes.

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Technical Features

Porcelain tile –

Floor & Wall tile –

Matt –

Rectified edges –

Structured surface –

Anti-slip –

High pedestrian traffic –

Modular sizes –

Digital printing of inks & glazes –

اطلاعات تکمیلی

رنگ بندی سن پابلو



120*20, 120*30

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