سرو کوارنتا

River is a collection inspired by the strength and deep character that can be found in the stone constructions from around the Pyrenees where bare stones with rough veining define wonderful surfaces and shapes.

Taking this into account, we have made a careful selection of materials in order to enact this reverie aimed at infusing spaces with a kind of wild and natural harmony that brings a sense of welcoming peace and a subtle touch of luxury to any room.

This collection is presented in the versatile and bold 60×120 size, which moreover adds to the appearance of the stone as its verticality emphasises the veining pattern. Regarding the colour, this material will be offered in a smooth palette of natural hues in order to remain faithful to its origins.

در حال حاضر این محصول در انبار موجود نیست و در دسترس نمی باشد.


Technical Features

Colour body –

Floor & Wall tile –

Matt –

Rectified edges –

Structured surface –

Anti-slip –

High pedestrian traffic –

Modular sizes –

Digital printing of inks & glazes –

اطلاعات تکمیلی

رنگ بندی ریور



120*60, 30*30, 90*30

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